We are pleased to inform you that TIP Final Event will be held at the Council Hall of the Municipality of Gorizia on Thursday, 23rd April.
In a few days we will also publish the programme.

news 18/06/2014: report evento 5 giugno
The latest TIP public event, entitled "the North Adriatic logistic platform; relaunching theGorizia-Vrtojba cross-border area" was held in Ljubljana, at Slovenian Railways' headquarters on 5th June. As suggested by the title, the event mainly aimed at identifying and sharing best practices and experiences useful to improve the competitiveness of the field of logistics and transports in the area. The meeting, to which all partners took part, was moderated by Sašo Murtič - Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning and divided into 4 sessions, each one having different but interconnected topics:
- Focusing on the Gorizia-Vrtojba cross-border area and its context, made up of the Slovenian logistic platform and the Friuli Venezia Giulia logistic system; the speakers were Črtomir Špacapan - RRA Severne Primorske, Oscar Duiz - Gianesini Erminio srl (a forwarding and transport company in Gorizia) and Chairman of the Friuli Venezia Giulia forwarders association, Boštjan Fendre - Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, Mariagrazia Santoro - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region;
- Focusing on the opportunities and development plans for the cross-border area within the regional, national and transnational politics; Sandra Sodini, director of GECT-GO, opened the session presenting the contents of the EU 2014-2020 strategy for transport and logistics; she also highlighted the needs of both public and private stakeholders of the field. Then, the representatives of Slovenian Railways and Ministry described the national plans for transport and infrastructures, in relation to the development of TEN-T networks and RFC5-RFC6 railway corridors; finally the person in charge of the spatial planning department of the municipality of Ljubljana showed the plans for the urban and regional development of the city thanks to the establishment of BTC intermodal logistic terminal;
- Focusing on public and private operators' experience and best practices; speakers were the manager of the company Aerodrom Maribor, the director of Consorzio ZAI in Verona, the company that manages Interporto Quadrante Europa and Martina Gržančic on behalf of Luka Koper, the private company that manages the port of Koper;
- Focusing on the technical solutions for transport and logistics; the latest part of the event consisted in a series of specialized speeches on GSM-R as interoperability element of railway networks (by Boris Gombač - Prometni Institut), implementation of the ETCS - European train control system in Slovenia (Damjan Kociper - Slovenian Railways) and ecodrive and fleet management systems to reduce consumptions and emissions in road transport (Gianluca Fantoni - Transics, a company belonging to the international group WABCO Company).
More than 50 people took part to the event.

We are pleased to inform you that the next TIP public event, organized by Partner n. 9; Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, will be held at Slovenske Zeleznice's headquarters, Kolodvorska 11, Ljubljana, on 5th June. The event mainly aims at identifying and sharing experiences and best practises to improve the competitiveness of the filed of transport and logistics in Gorizia Sempeter-Vrtojba cross-border area.
Invitation and program are available in the "downloads" sections of this website.